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Video explaining raw food for labradoodle puppies

Published on 29 Apr 2022 / In Pets & Animals

Claire will walk you through the different components of raw feeding for your labradoodle puppy.

Learn the different forms and types of raw food that is recommended for your labradoodle.

Explanations of how to calculate the amount to feed, what to feed, how often to feed and why raw food is good for your labradoodle.

Claire also discusses appropriate supplements to use when feeding raw food to your puppy.

Watch the explanation of feeding raw bones to your labradoodle puppy . Learn how often to feed raw bones. Learn why raw bones are important for your labradoodle .

Explanations about why raw food is safe when handled correctly, different packaging of raw food, the right size and type of bones , what proteins are good for labradoodles and why bones are not good for dogs eating a kibble diet.

Find out why diet is important to avoid ear infections, itchy skin and butt scooting

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