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Kabaret Sybarit - The Poodle (Official Video)

Published on 29 Apr 2022 / In Pets & Animals

We're proud to present our first music video: THE POODLE

Take a look inside our universe, as we introduce you to our new colorful cast of characters.

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/4OaY9h...
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/the...
Google Play: http://goo.gl/rI5sQH

Jannik Dahl Pedersen - for being an awesome director
Victor Knötzel - for his amazing camera work
Kirsten Bjerregaard – for production and manuscript
Mia R. Stærk - for borrowing and setting up lights, and just everything in general over the years. We love you.
Martin Klein Sørensen - for our new fantastic design!
Camilla Winther & Sarah Buthmann - for our fantastic press-photos and for helping out.
Katrine Møller Bach & Signe Flebo - for helping us out during this giant project.
Sandie Elisabeth Andersson - for letting her beautiful poodles be part of this
Inger Mårup & Johanne Bjerregaard - for helping out with costumes
Lasse Geipel - for borrowing his car to us

And last but not least, our awesome cast of actors:
Maria Winther Nørgaard as the Poodle
Illa Jepsen as Madame Marcel
Per Gaarde Dvoracek as The Man with the Elephant Mask and nasty bearded man
Kirstine Nielsen as Cherry
Ebbe Engmark, Bo Winther, Ole Kese & Mats Ödman as nasty men
Kirsten Bjerregaard as The Parrot
Mathias, Christian, Niels and Sebastian as the Corvidae

”Honeyhoney come” said Madame Marcel
And gave her a punch on the cheek
”Honeyhoney don’t be all by yourself
Maybe it’s your fate that we should meet
Cause have you ever thought about a career
in pleasurement abroad – I’ve got a good deal
please take my card – and by the way, I’m for real”

Then she pulled her gun
”Oh Honey don’t run
You got that so called capacity
Like a Poodle baby you’ll be so neat”

”Wakeywakey Poodle get on your paws
And take a good sniff off my hand
Twinkle with your chains and earn an applause
spend the night with the Elephant man”
And even though Poodle wants to go back
and find her little boy, who knows where he’s at
Madame won’t hear a god damn thing about that

Then she pulls her gun
”Oh Honey don’t run
Honey bow down and cooperate
Like a poodle you don’t shit where you eat
So just clap your hands and deal with your fate”

Honey woke up in the city of a thousand brothels
The Sybaris
She got so many scars from the chains at night and she asked ”What life is this?”
But the Kabaret is a place for songs to be sung and not for questions to be asked
Naivity comes with a price, and here he is: The man with the elephant mask

”Honeyhoney come” said Madame Marcel
Honey fled her past, her boy grew up without a mother
Honey, it was just a treacherous spell
Cry your little heart out to your little ladylover
Don’t run

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