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Amazing Wildlife of Botswana - 8K Nature Documentary Film (with music)

Published on 03 May 2022 / In Pets & Animals

Go on a virtual 1-hour safari tour without leaving your home. Discover amazing African wildlife and relax! Botswana represents the biggest number and widest range of wildlife! You will see majestic springboks peacefully grazing in the shade. You will also see other amazing wild animals and birds up close and different species of birds near the waterholes. Immerse yourself in the life of the wild world and learn more about African animals. You will have the opportunity to observe animals in the wild: watch how they hunt, feed, fight, rest, and get along with other species. Take in the views of the African savannas and listen to relaxing music in the background. Get up close and personal with beautiful wildlife, enjoy the stunning landscapes in 8K, and feel relaxed. Enjoy wild sighting and let your imagination to run to the wild!

In this nature film you will see the most incredible and stunning animals & birds! These are some of them: Bat-eared fox, Black-backed jackal, Black-winged stilt, Blue wildebeest, Northern black korhaan, Ostrich, Cheetah, Lion, Yellow mongoose, Southern giraffe, Tawny eagle, Bushveld lizard, African fish eagle, Common hippopotamus, African elephant, Greater kudu, Abdim’s stork, Ground squirrel, Red hartebeest, Secretarybird, African openbill, Burchell’s zebra, Martial eagle, African wild dog, European bee-eater, Southern yellow-billed hornbill, and more!

Video From: Botswana, South Africa
Video Resolution: 8K
Video Type: nature film
Executive producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Robert Hofmeyr
Editor and colorist: Aleksey Mandryko
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work.

Escape to wild nature and visit South Africa with our team from http://proartinc.net and http://beautifulwashington.com

Visiting Botswana is a fantastic opportunity to see the vast numbers of fauna in Africa. Great numbers of protected areas ensure ideal conditions for wildlife. Don't miss the chance to see unique species of animals and birds in their natural environment! Get the best safari experience with our 8K documentary film without leaving your home. Save your time, visit the second largest continent in the world and learn more about its rich wild world. Escape to wild nature and recharge!
Benefits of this 8K documentary film:
1. Use this video as soothing 8K TV Screensaver;
2. Observe the wild animals in 8K not leaving your home;
3. Let wild nature come into your home;
4. Forget about worries and stay relaxed;
5. Find inspiration in African landscapes /flora and fauna!
Explore Africa and its amazing wildlife on your Oled TV, Samsung 8K HDR TV, Sony 8K TV, LG 8K TV, etc. Relax with wild nature and use this film as a beautiful background video, screensaver or video walls for any waiting room/ relax room, office, dental clinic, public transport, pet shop, and other public places.

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All the music used in the video is licensed through musicbed.com artlist.io and soundstripe.com

Relevant hashtags: #8K #Wildlife #Botswana

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